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Order Form instructions:

1. Send email including your name and a word count for the text or manuscript you want edited.

How to count?

In Word, see the Tools or Review menu / Word Count.
Round the total to the nearest 1000 words.

2. Include your document as an attached Microsoft Word document (preferred), or as text pasted into the body of your email message. I will edit your document after receiving notice of payment (step 3, below).

Send email to editor

3. Proceed with online payment by credit card or echeck using the form below. You will be linked to a secure online order form to complete payment.

Note: All online payments are in U.S. dollars.

Your option: Basic Copy Editing

standard proofreading checks plus...

basic copy editing:
changes and suggestions for word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax, consistency of footnotes/endnotes and bibliography

Rate: $20 / 1000 words ($20 minimum charge)

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Online Payment by Credit Card or eCheck

Secure Payment Options    

1. PayPal credit card payment

Pay with credit card or eCheck; with or without a PayPal account.

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2. HyperLife secure order form

Pay with credit card, using HyperLife Editing Service order form.

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When I receive confirmation of your payment, I will be ready to begin work on your manuscript.

How to Calculate Payment

1. In MS Word, see the Tools or Review menu / Word Count. Or, for double-spaced text, you can estimate by figuring 300 words per page.

2. Round to the nearest thousand words. (For example, if your document has 3499 words, estimate 3000. For 3500 words, estimate 4000.)

The rate for this level of editorial service is $20 per 1000 words.

When you make your order, please enter the appropriate "quantity" of 1000-word edits at $20 each. In the second example above (4000 words), your "quantity" would be 4.

Your PayPal payment page will look like this:

Pay To: Nowick Gray

Payment For: 1000 words - Basic Copy Editing

Quantity: 1 [example above:enter 4]

Currency: U.S. Dollars

Amount:$20.00 [click "update" -> $80 ]

(Your total payment, in this example, would be
4 X $20 / 1000 words = $80.)

Here are some more examples:

Actual word count Rounded word count Enter "quantity"

When you have a word count for your text, click the order button below:

Contact and inquiries

editor Nowick Gray

Nowick Gray
chief editor

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Founder of HyperLife Editing Services, Nowick is experienced in all types of editing. Satisfied clients write...

"Awesome as usual. I love the way you clear the knots and creases to make the text a smoother read. It develops my writerly/literary muscle to meet some of the questions you raise. It also helps me in seeing the direction of the novel more clearly. Many thanks."
--Paulo da Costa, Commonwealth Writers Prize winner 2003.

"Love love love the edits!  Fabulous!  So worth every penny!  I don't know how you do it, it must be painful, I'd run out in traffic if I had to read someone else’s unedited stuff and then fix it. Once again thank you.  Every edit was perfect and fit so well."
--Lisa Woodcamp, http://www.crazymoosetracks.com/

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