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Nowick Gray has an M.A. degree in English from the University of Victoria (1976) and a B.A. degree from Dartmouth College (1972). He also attended Simon Fraser University where he received a teaching certificate in 1979.

Nowick's experience as a teacher, editor and published writer spans over thirty years. He has taught creative writing for grades 1-12. His essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in periodicals and anthologies as diverse as The San Francisco Chronicle, elephant journal, Friends Journal, NeWest Review, and Skills for Simple Living. He has self-published and sold three volumes of collected rhythms for African drums and percussion, Roots Jam. Since 1996 he has written and edited the eclectic Alternative Culture Magazine, while also contributing to a number of other online publications.

In September 2013 Nowick published his first book of fiction, Rendezvous, an adventure novella released by World Castle. He also launched an author website and Facebook page.

As an editor Nowick has worked on a wide variety of projects including academic essays and theses, novels, nonfiction books and articles, business plans, newsletters, a poetry collection, and website design. He was an active member of a local writers' group for two decades, helping to produce a published anthology and to bring the work of several co-members to publication. A nonfiction book he co-edited with Margot Russell (When the Road Turns: Inspirational Stories About People with MS) was published in August 2001 by Health Communications (publishers of the "Chicken Soup" series) and reviewed favorably in The New York Times.

Since founding HyperLife Editing Services in 2000, Nowick has assisted academic, business, literary and professional clients writing about everything from private investigation, computer systems, real estate, banking, and law, to wildlife, aromatherapy, literature, mythology, psychology, and spiritual healing. He has helped students polish their essays, apply to graduate programs, and hone their creative writing. Clients consistently find value in his insightful comments and prompt service.


from a fellow editor...

I loved your work. I have just finished going over Gary's story and am very happy with it. I have read it several times now -- and feel it is in perfect order. You seemed to have sensed his writing style/personality very keenly, and maintained the integrity of that style while editing. That's a talent.
I am thoroughly convinced that I've just spent the best $100 of my life! Joanna's chapter looks incredible. I was very impressed with your understanding of the material. In short, I am thrilled with the revision.
The improvements you made were perfect. You often amaze me. Your suggestions and help in editing have been invaluable.
You're the best. Thank you again for an incredible job. I have so much respect for you and for your gift.

       --Margot Russell, Massachusetts, USA
        editor of When the Road Turns

I love the comments you left; they allow me to 'read' my own writing from a reader's viewpoint and are extremely helpful. A million thanks! 

      --Hung-En Sung, PhD, research associate, Columbia University

Nowick Gray did a fantastic job copy editing this piece. His editing made it the most professional bit of work I’ve ever accomplished, and I owe him a great bit of gratitude for that work.

     --Tony Pente, Managing Editor, OriolesHangout.com

I found Nowick's editing to be insightful, to the point, and accurate. He improved my writing noticeably, and I would highly recommend his services.
      --David Ross, webmaster, BritainExpress.com

Nowick consistently gives me intelligent, useful feedback. I've asked him to critique stories, articles and radio documentaries; with all of them, he has a knack for helping me figure out how to make things work better for an unknown reader or listener.
      --Sean Hennessey, freelance writer and broadcaster

I've worked with Nowick for three years on a professional basis. He has helped me see many of my works through to publication. His comments are always astute and insightful and never hurtful or condescending. He has the ability to discern the major portions of a piece of writing and weed out what isn't needed. I would recommend his services to any writer wishing to improve his or her work.
--Charles Finn, author of Wild Delicate Seconds (an L.A. Times Summer Reads pick)

I am supremely pleased and impressed. Your edits were very
thorough and helpful. Thanks so much.

  --Shawn Smith, Hudson Institute

Thanks Nowick. That was quick. I really appreciate and understand your insight and recommendations. You are doing a brilliant job.

   --Ezrah Aharone, author, Pawned Sovereignty

That was fantastic service. As good a writer as I am, I firmly believe in proofreading and editing. You not only did a swift turnaround, but made some significant contributions to my article. I have no hesitation recommending you to my colleagues.

   --Brian E. Walsh PhD, author, Unleashing Your Brilliance

Thank you very much for your intelligent and speedy work. Thanks to your great input, I have been able to finish my work on time. I wish I had known about you before so that I could have asked you to do my entire dissertation...

maybe for the dissertation for my PhD in some future year...

Hope you will continue this wonderful help for international students.

  --Fumiko Tanaka, MA candidate in International Development

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments.

I am glad that I sent my thesis to you for proofreading, and editing. It's really worth it.  After rereading the version that you have edited, I now have become more confident to send it to my supervisor, and the thesis committee. The changes and all the suggestions made the thesis more clear and convincing.

I will be working with you again in the future, that's for sure. I like how you did the proofreading, and editing. You really wanted to help.

   --Suria Mulia, graduate student in sociology

I am blown away. What you did is EXCELLENT!!!! Since I'm at the beginning of taking classes, I know I will be working with you often.

   --Steve Craft, college student

Wow! I finished reading part 1 and it's amazing. It was easy, great flow, and brought me to tears and laughter more than once! You made it work!

   --Matt H., writer's agent

I really think you are worth more than you are charging. I look forward to sending you more stuff.

  --Erin Coss, author

I am really impressed how you made the work so much better. A couple of other services were way more expensive and not nearly as well written. This is my first novel and I would like it to be as professional as possible. The corrections are impeccable and I appreciate the speedy response.

  --Trey Peters, novelist

I love it, you stayed so true to what I wrote but better. I hope I can use you for further projects.

  --Nina R., student

I’ve used Nowick for editing and, more recently and regularly, for web design.  In both categories he’s proven to be responsive, meticulous, competent, and reliable.  Nowick has my complete trust.

  --Ben Harrison, famoustype.com

What I most appreciate about your work is that I feel that it is still my voice, only purified. You seem to get to the essence of the idea, understanding that it is not about sounding like a stuffy academic, but communicating a story.

  --Kim W.

Thank you so much for your great help with the APA reference page. You really helped me!

  --Tamara, researcher

Thanks and so efficient. Want to share with you that almost all the papers that are edited by you are accepted for publication.

  --Penny Wan, assistant professor at Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao

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Nowick Gray

Victoria, BC, Canada

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