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A Life in Hypertext

Yet Another Preface

There is such a long list by now of journals, correspondence, stories and fragments--indeed, of prefaces and introductions like this one--that I am tempted to string them together with narrative thread as my new partner Carol does the scraps of old sweaters, cut into ribbons and dyed and woven into strikingly beautiful…doormats.

With the aid of computer technology, and indeed the seemingly random fluctuations of universal manifestation (according, say, to contemporary physics and mathematical probability theory, chaos and fractal theory, and sheer aesthetic bravado) I am tempted, further, to use randomizing as a principle of organization. This fits better, for instance, with hypertext associativity (neurolinguistic simulation, anyone?) than would conventional linear narrative better suited to print media.

Holographics is a key concept here: that any point is the center, or another way in. Yet there must be a responsibility to overall unity, say the sages of the ages as to art in general. Fair enough: there is the holding thread, the (all other things being equal) drone of the narrative voice.

So, I continue. This mantra my bread and wine (if not my bread and butter)--here in the rarefied atmosphere of devotion to "art." Can devotion to art stand for the perfection of it in crafted work? Not so easily: yet in that spirit is the battle carried on. For it is a battle, the very act that the cells conspire to carry on in this momentary and extenuated existence called--Life.

"It is not without a certain meager trepidation that I set out…" etc. etc. These can all, word by word, be linked out beyond the body of the words, off the rectangular field of the brightly colored mat…but there comes a point at every point along the way where blind intuition calls the shots, makes the calls, calls the balls and strikes in the fluid zone we call alive.

So, indeed, I continue...

© Nowick Gray


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