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copyeditor Nowick Gray

Professional Proofreading
and Copy Editing

Fast turnaround (normally 1-2 days for short documents)

Affordable Rates, Custom Service to Suit Your Needs and Schedule

Get help in correcting, revising and polishing your novel, memoir, or ebook; newsletter, business plan or website; academic thesis, application or resume.

proofreading Take My Free Advice...

Are you a writer who wants to improve your chances of getting published? A foreign student looking for better grades on your English essays or graduate research papers? A business owner with a website in need of a skilled yet affordable proofreader?

If it's your job or your passion, your writing no doubt shows talent and the fruits of your hard work already. But you will probably need to fine-tune your writing in order to get a better reception for it in the wider world. Your own talent and hard work, while necessary, are often not enough to take your writing projects to the next level.

Why not?

Because of one simple fact:

It's next to impossible to edit one's own writing with an objective eye.

Maybe all your writing needs is a trained proofreader to catch simple oversights in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Or, your manuscript could benefit from copy editing with attention to smoother phrasing and finer points of style.

I can give you that trained eye. I can provide you with the corrections and insightful suggestions that your writing needs. And I can normally get your work back to you, in finished form, within 1-2 days.

Why waste time and money on postage and printing, on lengthy submission and rejection turnarounds? Why cut your chances of publication (or higher grades, or more customers), because of preventable errors in your writing?

Once upon a time, magazine and book publishers had in-house editors to handle unpolished but otherwise promising manuscripts. But in today's ultra-competitive writing marketplace, there's practically no margin for error. Your submission editor, or Web-surfing customer, is already moving on.

Whether you're a novelist, student, website owner, or someone wanting to polish a memoir for posterity, your written work will benefit immediately from the improvements I can make to it. I guarantee it!

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"I've worked with Nowick for three years on a professional basis. He has helped me see many of my works through to publication. His comments are always astute and insightful and never hurtful or condescending. He has the ability to discern the major portions of a piece of writing and weed out what isn't needed. I would recommend his services to any writer wishing to improve his or her work."
--Charles Finn, author of Wild Delicate Seconds (an L.A. Times Summer Reads pick)

While making every effort to ensure that your writing is error-free, I also try to maintain the integrity of the author's voice and personal style. I believe that if you can speak, you can write. My job is not to replace your voice with mine, but to work with your natural style to make sure it reads clearly and flows smoothly, for the best effect.

To give you an idea of how previous clients have benefited from my editing help, I reprint here some of their comments. In 2000 I edited a collection of stories by people with MS, in association with another writer and editor, Margot Russell. Margot's book was released in 2001 by Health Communications, publishers of the best-selling "Chicken Soup" series. Here is what Margot had to say:

"I loved your work. I have just finished going over Gary's story and am very happy with it. I have read it several times now -- and feel it is in perfect order. You seemed to have sensed his writing style/personality very keenly, and maintained the integrity of that style while editing. That's a talent.
"I am thoroughly convinced that I've just spent the best $100 of my life! Joanna's chapter looks incredible. I was very impressed with your understanding of the material. In short, I am thrilled with the revision.
"The improvements you made were perfect. You often amaze me. Your suggestions and help in editing have been invaluable.
"You're the best. Thank you again for an incredible job. I have so much respect for you and for your gift."

     --Margot Russell, writer and editor, Massachusetts, USA

... more testimonials...

copy editingClick here if you want to get started right away with professional editing help for your writing project.

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Here's what you'll get:

fast service The fastest service you could ask for. In most cases I can have your manuscript back to you in a day or two.

free estimates Custom service to fit your needs. You can specify what kind of feedback you want: ranging from fast and efficient proofreading, to corrections in basic grammar and sentence structure, all the way to extensive reworking and rewriting of your text. In every case I aim for clarity, while maintaining the integrity of your original expression and unique writing voice.

low rates Check out my affordable rates. Because I work independently, I can offer you professional quality at lower cost. You can choose from a standard range of services (see below) or you can request a custom rate tailored more precisely to your writing project.

Editing Rates

If your writing is fairly polished but needs a final check for simple errors of spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar, I can offer you low rates and fast service. With larger manuscripts you may qualify for additional discounts.

Your cost: $3.60 per page*, $12 per 1000 words.

copy editingBasic Copy Editing
Your writing will benefit from changes to unclear wording, awkward sentence construction, or unnecessary repetition. All changes are highlighted for your review. In areas needing further clarity, I'll insert a comment with a question or suggestion for you to take further.

Your cost: $6.00 per page*, $20 per 1000 words.

rewriting Moderate to Extensive Rewriting
If you need a more active editorial role in rewriting and reworking your text, just choose the advanced editing option. Poor sentence construction is cleaned up, and larger blocks of text are reorganized where necessary or requested. As with the basic option, all changes and suggestions are highlighted for your review.

Your cost: $16.50 per page*, $55 per 1000 words.

[*Page estimates based on standard manuscript form (using double-spaced lines) at 300 words/page. For the most accurate estimate, use actual word count. All prices in US dollars.]

Click here to get started with editing help right away using the secure online order form.

Summary of Editing Rates:

Editing Rates proofreading copy editing rewriting
$/page $3.60 $6.00 $16.50
$/1000 words $12.00 $20.00 $55.00

Not sure where your work falls on the chart?
Email me with your question or a one-page sample of your work. I'll provide a free estimate and we can discuss your specific needs.

Does your work fall between the standard categories listed above?
No problem. Send me a one-page sample of your work for a free estimate, and we can negotiate a custom rate appropriate for you.

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Beware Copycat Editing Sites!

This Web page at HyperLife has served to offer reputable and professional editing services to satisfied clients since 2000. Since then, the original text here has remained essentially unchanged. A Web search today will reveal that this page content has been widely used as a sort of template for "copycat" websites offering a similar range of proofreading and copyediting services. You may be lured by the cut-rate prices often posted by these amateur "wannabe" editors using my words to advertise their services. Action is being taken to penalize offenders if they do not remove the plagiarized text.

If you are shopping around for editors, please keep the above in mind. Read the testimonials of my many satisfied clients; consider my unique qualifications and experience; and beware of unethical imitators. Choose wisely!

--Nowick Gray, editor

You want to spend your money wisely, so you should know: What qualifications as a writer and editor can I bring to your work?

publishing You can rely on my thirty-five years of experience as a writer, teacher and editor. I have a Master's Degree in English from the University of Victoria and a B.A. from Dartmouth College. Here are some of the credits I've collected for my own writing:

  • Novella, Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass
  • Editor and writer for award-winning Cougar WebWorks Alternative Culture Magazine, since 1996
  • Essay included in high-school/college English textbook, Inside Essays 2 (Harcourt Brace, 1992)
  • Cited for "standout fiction...subtle and altogether lovely ... impressionistic, quiet and very real" (James A. Lee)
  • Featured poet in Denise Dumars' Reviews (April 1990)
  • Contributor to elephant journal (March 2014)
  • Staff columnist at a leading online baseball fan site (2001-2011)

testimonials Writing skills are one thing--editing skills are another. Read what my satisfied and successful clients have to say about how my editing improved their work; and consider how your own writing can benefit from such help:

"Nowick consistently gives me intelligent, useful feedback. I've asked him to critique stories, articles and radio documentaries; with all of them, he has a knack for helping me figure out how to make things work better for an unknown reader or listener."
      --Sean Hennessey, freelance writer and broadcaster

copy editorFor more client testimonials, click here.

copy editorFor more information about my background and experience as a writer, teacher and editor, click here.

Send Email for Free Estimate:
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Please include all the information below:

copy editing Your information:

Your name

The total word count of your manuscript or web page

What level of copy editing do you want?

proofreading (spelling, punctuation, basic grammar)

 basic copy editing (word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax, references)

advanced copy editing (extensive rewriting and reworking of your text for readability and style)

Or, I can offer you a custom editing rate (based on your writing's needs, and the editing time required to achieve your goals).

Proofreading Include your manuscript or webpage URL for free evaluation (3-400 words maximum). Either attach Word document (preferred), or paste text to the end of your email message.

Send email to editor

Editorial Services I will respond by email with my comments and an estimate, normally within 1-2 days. Note: larger jobs may qualify for a volume discount.

I'll look forward to hearing from you!

     --Nowick Gray

P.S. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I'll try to help you in any way I can.

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Contact and inquiries

editor Nowick Gray
Nowick Gray
Founding Editor

Victoria, BC, Canada

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Satisfied clients write...

"Love love love the edits!  Fabulous!  So worth every penny!  Once again thank you.  Every edit was perfect and fit so well."
--Lisa Woodcamp,

I founded HyperLife Editing Services in 2000, establishing standards for online editing practice. Since then I have edited for hundreds of clients, with every kind of writing, from student English essays and published novels to science, business and law. I give professional attention to every manuscript, while honoring your unique voice and style. Your intended message will shine through with improved clarity and correct usage.

"Awesome as usual. I love the way you clear the knots and creases to make the text a smoother read. It develops my writerly/literary muscle to meet some of the questions you raise. It also helps me in seeing the direction of the novel more clearly. Many thanks." --Paulo da Costa, Commonwealth Writers Prize winner 2003.

More satisfied clients write...

copyeditor, proofreader

Carol Ross
Associate Editor

Argenta, BC, Canada

Satisfied clients write...

"Just got my paper back today. My teacher loved it. The absolute best remarks I've ever gotten from a teacher about my writing. See you next semester."

"Carol, thank you so much for your help. I have never met anyone so responsible for people's paper. Thank you!"

Associate editor Carol Ross has been part of Hyperlife since 2003. Carol brings special skills in creative writing, as well as art and design. Her promptness, professional approach and eye for detail have impressed clients from a dozen countries and in disciplines ranging from fiction to international law, and from medical research to sociology. She is comfortable editing academic, business, scientific and creative writing. Roughly once a week she receives a comment on her editing along the lines of “Carol, you are amazing!” When not editing, she pursues her other passions: painting and gardening.


I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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