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A Life in Hypertext

About the Author, Nowick Gray:

Nowick GrayBorn in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950, I lived also near New York, Atlanta and Chicago while growing up. After attending Dartmouth College, I continued my travels throughout the western states and Canada. Currently I live in Victoria, BC, between extensive travels.

I completed my formal education with an M.A. and teacher training in British Columbia, and taught in Inuit villages in northern Quebec for three years. In 1980 I settled in a small mountain community in B.C., where I established a homestead, built a house and started a family of my own.

Having worked also as a carpenter, treeplanter and nonviolence trainer, I've continued a lifelong devotion to writing. My essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in periodicals and anthologies as diverse as The San Francisco Chronicle, Friends Journal, NeWest Review, and Skills for Simple Living. I have self-published a group study guide, Active Nonviolence, and a book of collected rhythms for hand drum and percussion, Roots Jam. Since 1996 I have written and edited the eclectic Cougar WebWorks Alternative Culture Magazine, while also contributing to a number of other online publications.

In September of 2013 I published my first book of fiction, Rendezvous, an adventure novella released by World Castle. I also launched an author website and Facebook page.

In leisure time I most enjoy reading, walking and swimming, and playing African drums. In random moments I may be inspired to snap the odd photo.


Nowick Gray

Victoria, BC, Canada

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Stories - in rough chronology

The Baby Boom
The Boys in the Park
First Love
Trumped in Peckerdom
Of Ducks, Trucks and Bucks
Stephen King through Rose-colored Eyes
Just Coyotes
The Meaning of Life
Deep Summer

Life - a novel of the baby boom

Prefaces and Introductions . . . without end

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